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Exiled in Tejas: 10 Things I've Learned About Texas





We’ve been living in Austin for 9 months now.  Here’s a list of things I learned about the state of Texas and in particular, the city of Austin:

1. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in this state is a hard-line, right wing, Republican.

2. Concurrent with popular belief, nearly everyone in this state possesses at least 1 firearm.

3. Finding a bad BBQ restaurant here is more difficult than deciding on the best BBQ restaurant.

4. But everyone knows the best BBQ is in Lockhart, TX. 

5. Most people in Texas, in Austin and Houston especially, cannot drive (this coming from someone who lived in Los Angeles for 5 years).

6. In the city of Austin, everyone has worked or will at some point, work for Dell.

7. Don’t waste your time with the local weather report.

8. The 360 loop in Austin is some of the worst road in Texas.  Avoid it at all costs.

9. Don’t be surprised when total strangers ask you about your day.  Nearly everyone here is generally very friendly.

10. Shiner Bock beer is perhaps the best beer in the world.

I will never stop reminding transplants to this Great State:

Do not mistake southern hospitality for friendliness.

Aside from that, have a nice day, and yall come back now, y’hear??

I’ve lived in the South for a long time: different parts of NC and GA, and have visited other Southern states. I always wondered about Southern hospitality and where the idea of it came from because I never saw it … until I went to Texas, haha. I was in Dallas for a school conference thing a couple years ago and everyone was so damn nice. I went to the bathroom and while I was peeing some random woman started a conversation with me, asking me where I was from and stuff. It would have been weird if another woman hadn’t of done it the day before too, haha. Everyone seemed okay with chatting with you for a few minutes, which is so unlike other parts of the South. If I tried to just make friendly conversation with anyone here, I would know how much of an inconvenience I’m being to the other person, hahaha.

someone needs to check the OP and remind them that they were living in AUSTIN the only cool place in texas. Life outside of Austin is radically diffrent. there’s few things cool about it.

that’s why I got my ass outta there as soon as I could.

I lived in Texas for six months ( I’m originally from Massachusetts) and I gotta say, the southern hospitality thing really unnerved me. I do not want total strangers waving at me from my car or striking up conversations while I am just trying to have my day. Also, the pet names. 

Idk, give me the north, where people ignore you unless you get in their way. 

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    Most of this is true. I have never worked for Dell though, and know that I never will. I also don’t eat animals that I...
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    I agree with all, but everyone knows the worst drivers are in San Antonio. Seriously.
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    I learned to drive in the DFW metroplex and DEAR GOD WHO TAUGHT THE PEOPLE IN AUSTIN HOW TO DRIVE. I SWEAR THEY ARE ALL...
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    7. Don’t waste your time with the local weather report. TRUTH.
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    We’ve been living in Austin for 9 months now. Here’s a list of things I learned about the state of Texas and in...
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    oh g-d, conversations in the bathroom are the worst!