the direct result of peer pressure. where's a psa when you need one?






i’m not prepared for adulthood

  • what are taxes and how do you “do” them
  • what is balancing a checkbook like do you just walk around with a checkbook on your head like in a posh finishing school to improve posture
  • what if you just decided not to “do” your taxes because they sound scary 
  • does the government let you turn them in late for a slightly lesser grade
  • because i’ll take a B i don’t mind
  • i think i could be a neurologist if someone gave me a helpful and detailed diagram
  • how on earth do people make the decision to have children i mean good lord they are tiny human beings
  • what does APR stand for, how do you finances
  • what is the deal with credit
  • what are the basic supplies I need in my kitchen
  • and every other room
  • does flour go bad
  • what qualifies as sexually active, should I have had a pap smear by now
  • what is pap
  • where do they smear it

#what’s the deal with interest #exactly how does insurance work #do i need to buy life insurance #how old do i have to be before i make a will #what if i forget to buy food for a few weeks #how do people remember to do their laundry on a schedule#and on top of keeping myself alive i’m supposed to be attracting a mate? #so i have to feed me #and clothe and bathe me #and attract people to me so i won’t die alone #then have CHILDREN #how do you remember to feed your children #what if you lose your baby at the park #what if your baby is an asshole

#how do you make a paycheck stretch out to cover all necessities #what if you use a paycheck to pay all your bills and you’re like oh shit i forgot food #when you buy a house (how do you buy a house) how does everything work #like do people just come up to you and say WOULD YOU LIKE ELECTRICITY? #where does the water come from #is internet like just everywhere now or what #when does a job become a career #how do credit ratings work and why do people keep telling me to build up good credit #someone should write a book #how to adulthood good

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    What if your boss threatens to fire you and it isn’t your fault but no one believes you? Can you get a job without...
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