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Anonymous asked: hey, sorry if this has been asked before ^///^ but does a queerplatonic relationship still count as valid, if it’s platonic and exclusive and special, but does not involve living together beyond roommates in college? like, two straight girls being more than best friends but still completely platonic with each other, and probably this is a lifelong thing (like moirallegiance, for you homestickers), but eventually getting married to different guys and having traditional families later too?

I reckon this is completely fine. The reason ‘queerplatonic’ has the word ‘queer’ in it is that it involves the queering of typical platonic and romantic relationships. I don’t think there’s any right or wrong way to be queerplatonic, as long as you feel that, as a term, it fits your relationship. I know of some aromantics who are in QP relationships with romantics and anticipate them being in romantic relationships later on (which could possibly lead to them getting married), and I know of some queerplatonic duos who have both been romantic with their own separate, respective boyfriends.

Absolutely call it queerplatonic if you want to. The whole concept of the “validity” of a queerplatonic relationship is a dodgy one at best. As long as it involves strong platonic commitment - however youwant to define that - I’d say it totally counts. 

one day straight people are gonna make me snap

one day

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